Phone: (310) 430-5157  (Text or Call)

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Mobile services: $300 minimum

Sugar Me is Located at:
Phenix Salon Suites – Westwood
1051 Glendon Ave., Suite 125
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Wed       12:00 pm        8:00 pm
Thur                  12:00 pm        9:00 pm
Fri                      12:00 pm        7:00 pm
Sat                     10:30 am        6:00 pm
Sunday            11:00 am         6:00 pm

By appointment only.
Appointments are available outside of the posted hours for current clients.

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Cancellation Policy/The Fine Print:

  • SUGAR ME TAKES CASH, CHECK OR VENMO! Your credit card is used to hold your appointment for the booking process.
  • Read the email that confirms your appointment, (really, seriously, read it) it has important information regarding the shop location that will keep you from wondering around looking like a tourist – and you are going to want to know about all the restaurants and coffee shops near Sugar Me. Oh, and the bars.
  • 24 Hour notice for cancellations and reschedules.
  • No-Shows and late cancellations are charged 100% of the posted fee for the service.
  • A No-Show is anyone 10 minutes or more late for an appointment.
  • Sugar Me cannot accommodate anyone who is 10 minutes or more late for an appointment – it’s because people have been showing up 20 to 30 minutes late (without even calling) and having hissy fits that there isn’t time to work on them before the next client.
  • Previous No-Show or Late Cancellation clients are not eligible for Pre-Paid discount appointments or for Grandfathered pricing.
  • Pre-paid appointments that are No-Show or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the full regular cost of the appointment and be able to use the discount for a later appointment.
  • Clients must be 18 years or older.
  • No filming/recording/photos or phones accessible while treatments are in progress.  Appointments will cease if this occurs and the appointment charged at full price. (Can you believe that I actually had to put this in here? Seriously, it’s because of some woman who was recording her brazilian with her phone and streaming it to a guy in the lobby – ewwwhhh!)
  • For security reasons, each client must have their own appointment, confirmed with their own credit card, unless I know you, then we are all good, book away for your friends.
  • No client currently using Accutane (isotretinoin), or having done so in the past six months is allowed to do services. If you make an appointment you are confirming that you are not currently using Accutane (isotretinoin) or have done so in the past six months.
  • If you are using retinol products, you agree to let your esthetician know before services start – DO NOT USE RETINOL PRODUCTS AT LEAST FIVE DAYS BEFORE WAXING.
  • You can sugar if you are using antibiotics, but you can not wax if you are on antibiotics or used them in the previous ten days. Using antibiotics will make the sugaring hurt more.  If you wax while on antibiotics your live skin will most likely rip off.
  • Grandfathered clients stay at the same price at which they started, provided they are “Current Clients” (have had an appointment within the past three months.)
  • “Current Clients” are defined as those clients who have one or more appointments within the previous three month time period.
  • All current clients receive a 10% discount on all products purchased from Sugar Me.
  • Disruptive behavior will cause the appointment to cease and be charged at 100% of the full rate (which has only happened twice in ten years, but you know how it is, we have to add this in, just in case.)
  • Bounced checks are charged a $30.00 fee.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Shot of the Week is only for clients who are 21 or older, yeah, sucks, but ATF is really pissy about it.
  • Congratulations!  You made it to the end! Oh, and there is generally chocolate at the shop for you.