Sugar Me is constantly searching out the most effective products available and researches different lines. Sugar Me carries the lines that they believe do the best job for a reasonable price. With Sugar Me you are investing in the product, not the packaging!

DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy was founded in 1999 to develop and market high-quality skin-care products. They are committed to advancing the practical science of skin care. Every product they sell is precisely formulated from scientifically proven ingredients in their own on-site laboratory, unlike 95% of other lines which produce in outside labs. All products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed worldwide from their state-of-the-art Northern California facility. DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy products are paraben-free and they do not conduct animal testing. DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy results-oriented professional skincare line, not fluff!

Jan Marini is an innovator in the skin care industry and started the Lash Growth industry that has culminated in Allergan’s LATISSE®, which is more than 5 times the cost of Jan Marini’s product and has the same effect. Jan Marini is producing one of only two products on the market that utilizes the Telomere discoveries that won the The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009. Jan Marini also developed the only lipid soluable vitamin C product to help combate skin aging and repair sun damage.

The skin care and body care products of JANSSEN Cosmeceutical Treatments represent a new global approach in modern skin care technology. JANSSEN Cosmeceutical Treatments integrates a new generation of herbal and marine extracts along with bio-technological ingredients to provide innovative skin care products to a diverse community of estheticians and consumers. The COSMECEUTICAL approach combines pharmaceutical and therapeutic elements in an environmentally safe way to care for the skin without harming the natural balance and protection provided by the body. The line combines German technology and French ingredients.