So I went to Lisa this past Saturday to get a Brazilian and all I can say is she is amazing!!! I read a few reviews on here and decided to give her a try. I was about 15 minutes late to my appointment but thank God it worked out and she was still able to take me because the client after me ended up canceling. For those who have complained about her attendance policy it is clearly stated in her appointment confirmation email that she will not be able to accept appointments that are more than 10 minutes late. Even though I was late I made the decision to still go fully aware she may not be able to take me. Anyways moving on….this was my first time ever getting waxed down under and Lisa made me extremely comfortable and made the experience enjoyable…I seriously laughed through the whole wax, she is hilarious! I ended up having to bring my 2 year old daughter to the appointment with me and Lisa was completely understanding and even helped me keep her some what entertained while waxing me. I will continue to use her services and I highly recommend her to first timers!

-Lona J.

I really don’t know what I would do without Lisa. There isn’t anyone out there that I trust to wax my lady parts. She is one of a kind! Her new location is outstanding and gorgeous!

-Julie C.

Lisa will change your life! I used to swear by a waxing boutique in West Hollywood but once I went to Lisa for sugaring, I’ve never thought about going back. While getting a brazilian is never a pleasant experience, sugaring is far less painful than waxing. And thanks to Lisa, you will find yourself laughing throughout the process. She is also stickler for keeping everything sterile and clean. I can’t recommend Lisa and Sugar Me enough!

-Hilary F.

First off let me say that my two new roommates have been going to Lisa for 2 years now and have been raving about her and her sugaring skills, so I decided to try her out and see what all the buzz was about. I had a really great experience with her and her prices are the best in town! You definitely get your money’s worth coming to her. I liked the fact that I could talk to her about pretty much …anything beauty related. She has AMAZING skin and I asked her all about skincare routines and products because I figure if someone has that flawless of skin, she has to know something that everyone else doesn’t. I can’t wait to go back and try out one of her facials and maybe get my brows done as well since I saw what she did with my roommate’s brows and they look fantastic. Thanks Lisa you rock!

-Kate E.

All of the review on here are true: Lisa is the best, and sugaring is hands-down the best hair removal technique for my sensitive skin. She is caring, effective, and knowledgeable. Not only is Lisa an expert, but she is also a blast to be around – super friendly, easy going…a character trait necessary when taking care of your sensitive lady bits.

All in all, Lisa is a peach and Sugar Me is the only place in LA I trust with both my brows and Brazilian.

Thanks Lisa!!!!


I have been getting waxes for over 20 years. I especially love sugaring but have had a hard time finding someone who is both personable and skilled. I think every girl knows what I am talking about….quick but brusk or friendly but slow. Both are annoying. Lisa is a perfect combination of both. Best of all on my first visit, my skin was so smooth. I usually endure a rash for a couple of hours. I highly recommend her to both men and women.

-Andrea V.

LISA IS THE GREATEST!! she is so funny, kind and helpful that she makes sugaring fun. she drives all the way to my sorority and waxes over 20 girls in a row and does a perfect job on every girl! she even sometimes throws in free eyebrow waxes and beauty tips. i dont know what i would do without her!

-Terry R.

I’ve been going to Lisa for over a year now and I’ll never go anywhere else as long as I’m in LA!
She always gets me in on the days I need her and is easy to reach via text at ANY hour of the day (unlike salons).
Her new location in the salon is fabulous! Working in healthcare, I appreciate her sterile and experienced technique, which makes it as pain-less as possible.
She’s outgoing, funny and easy to chat with and she really gets to know her clients on a personal level which adds to the overall sugaring experience.
I’ve recommended her to all my friends who have been happy. I never dread going to get my sugaring done and I have Lisa to thank!

-Carolyn S.

Lisa is just so great. She is funny, outgoing, and a delight to be around. These are great qualities for an aesthetician because you really want someone who will distract you from what’s really going on down there. Speaking of which, sugaring does take a tiny bit longer than waxing, but it’s much gentler on your skin and if you go regularly, it will start hurting much less than waxing. I’ve noticed that my skin is much less irritated afterward and the growing-in process is much more gradual. In-growns are also much less of a problem. I used to have huge painful ones from waxing! So really, you should give shoot Lisa a text and visit her new studio in B.H. asap!

-Jenny J.

After years of crying my way through wax appointments, my friend suggested that I try sugaring. I tried two other sugaring places before I found Lisa. She is AMAZING. She made my entire experience enjoyable. I cannot believe any of the reviews that are less than 5 stars because every experience I have ever had with Lisa has been totally 5 stars. The ingrowns and painful reactions I had from other sugaring places disappeared after a single appointment…thank god! Lisa is totally a hidden gem for those in the know of 5 star beauty services in LA.

-Melissa P

I never review on yelp…but I just had the best brazilian experience of my life! somehow more relaxing and natural feeling than waxing. Judging from personal experience, it doesn’t get better than Lisa at Sugar Me. THANK YOU yelp and sugar me. I finally have my go to spot in LA for brazil.

-Amanda P.

OMG. Lisa is a sugaring goddess.

I’ve been getting sugared elsewhere for a coule years now, and to be honest, I always thought it was fine, but it never felt any less painful than waxing. The results didn’t appear to be any different, either. I thought it was a lot of hype, but it was no better or worse than waxing, so I just chose sugaring. Why not.

And then, one fateful day, I was unable to get an appointment at my usual spot. It was kind of an emergency, as I was about 2 months overdue for my appointment, and simply couldn’t deal with myself anymore. Consulted Yelp, saw all these people raving about Lisa, decided to take a chance and see if she had any last minute availabilities.

Thank goodness she did, because it was a little bit life-changing.

Sugaring — I totally get it now. It was as close to pain-free as one can reasonably expect ripping hair from extremely sensitive areas to be….I mean, it was seriously, honestly, not at all bad. Lisa kept me entertained the entire time. We bonded. She also taught me how to clear up my blemishes. She has a background in chemistry or something like that….the lady is full of knowledge.

The results lasted WEEKS longer than I’ve experienced in the past, as well! I usually see regrowth less than a week after my sugaring. Not with Lisa. It’s been almost a month and I just now feel the need to go back.

Lisa…if you’re out there, somewhere, reading this…you are amazing and you rock my hairless world. Thank you.

-Terra N

I have been getting waxes for over 20 years. I especially love sugaring but have had a hard time finding someone who is both personable and skilled. I think every girl knows what I am talking about….quick but brusk or friendly but slow. Both are annoying. Lisa is a perfect combination of both. Best of all on my first visit, my skin was so smooth. I usually endure a rash for a couple of hours. I highly recommend her to both men and women.

-Andrea V

Lisa is so amazing! She is meticulous and sanitary and makes me feel really relaxed the whole time. I love sugaring, it is a lot healthier and doesnt hurt as bad as wax.

Shes makes it so easy to set an appointment through texts and always works around my schedule. She’s also an eye brow expert

-Kate B

Masses, Lisa ROCKS. Having waxed for years now, I had my worst ever at a local place that used to do a great job. Because of this I had to wait much longer than usual to get to the rippin’ . My girlfriends, both of whom have positively reviewed Lisa below, told me … nay, DEMANDED THAT I go to Lisa to get sugared. I bought the Lifebooker deal because, hey .. if I didn’t like it, I’d have only spent $30. Turns out I’m a convert. I will NEVER wax again. Lisa is fantastic. Her affable smile and character put you at ease, relax you and prepare you for the task at hand. She’s deft in her movements, talking to you all the while and missing NOTHING. I always have to “clean up” after a wax, getting missed spots. Not with Lisa, not with sugaring.

Just show up on time, or communicate if you’re running late. She’s wonderful, and understanding. But she’s a BUSINESS, so if you show up an hour late, so sad too bad… Also, I did not have a single problem making an appointment. I emailed Lisa, told her my availability, and she came right back with a date and time. BOOKED!!

Do yourselves a favor and never wax again. Get sugared. You’ll love it. I promise.

-Missy N

This is a review for Lisa’s eyebrow wax! She is absolutely the best. I’ve been getting my eyebrows “done” for over 10+ years, and by far she has the best eye for shape and symmetry of anyone I’ve every let rip my face fur out. She doesn’t charge an arm and a leg like other places I’ve gone who didn’t do that great of a job. I simply won’t let anyone else touch my eyebrows besides Lisa.

-Catherine R.

I’ve converted, I’m a fan, and I’m not going back to waxing. OMG “sugaring” was much less painful than waxing, not to mention cleaner and more hygienic. Lisa is amazing and she makes you feel so comfortable. Also she gives great advice and tips on how to prevent ingrowns. She knows her stuff!! I went in for a Brazilian because I got a deal from Pop Sugar and since it was something new I was glad to pay only half price. But even so the prices are reasonable for the results you get. I am so going to fork out the money to pay for the sugar.

Goodbye wax!! And pour that sugar on me!

-Karla F.

Lisa rocks!! Very sweet, funny and engaging. I was so nervous showing up for my appointment but she made me laugh and feel comfortable. I’m recommending her to anyone who will listen  Thanks Lisa, my Hawaii trip was so much better because of you!

-Jessica T

Truly “Woohoo! As good as it gets!”! Lisa was super flexible with scheduling and was talking to me the whole time to try subconsciously taking my mind off my nerves. I’ve only had one waxing before and this was my first sugaring. I agree with the other reviews, never going back to waxing now! It still hurt, but not as bad as I remember the waxing to be. Lisa left me hopeful too b/c there’s a chance the hair will stop growing down there in the future! Woohoo!!!!

-Melissa Y

Lisa is nothing short of incredible!! I lost my long time waxing lady when she retired a year or so ago, and then, luckily, I found Lisa. After more than thirty years of being waxed, this is the BEST TREATMENT – EVER!! After my first session my skin was so smooth it felt like silk. It seemed like forever before my hair started growing back. The second time Lisa convinced me to try the Brazilian bikini. Wow!! I’ll never go back after this. Love it, and am so thrilled that Lisa is conveniently located to where I live In Santa Monica. She is the most gracious, intelligent and nurturing person, not to mention highly skilled in her special sugar wax technique. She performs your treatment as quickly and painlessly as possible, all the while entertaining you with pleasant conversation. She’s highly professional, responds right away every time I text her to make an appointment. Plus, her prices are very reasonable! Sugar me forever!!

-Melissa W.

I have worked in the spa industry for YEARS, I KNOW the experience of any technician that I receive a treatment from…That being said, Lisa is the ONLY person I will be going to from now on for my waxing needs. Her craft is honestly life-changing. I have extremely sensitive skin and tend to get frequent ingrowns, but it has been about a week since my first wax with Lisa and I cannot put into words how happy I am with the result.

Not only was it PAINLESS, but I have ZERO ingrowns or irritation whatsoever. Life-changing is the only way to truly describe my experience with Lisa. I could get my waxing done for free at one of my spas, but Lisa has gained a life-long client in me.

It goes without being said, she is extremely talented, personable, and truly kind-hearted. You can always tell when someone loves what they do and truly cares about their clientele. Lisa is an absolute gem and I am blessed to have found her. Do yourself a favor and book NOW.


-Michelle K.

I **hearts** Lisa. Even getting hair ripped out isn’t the most pleasant thing, I can say that sugaring has hurt less than waxing. And lately, waxing has been PAINFUL!!!  I would recommend to anyone looking from an alternative to shaving, plucking, waxing, etc. Give the girl a try and you’ll understand.

She’s inside the Berkeley Barbers, inside a tiny lil room. But once you get in there, you’re totally comfortable. You ask a question, and you’ll get an honest answer.

Adios waxing, you are soo primitive, ripping off skin. Hello Sugaring!

-Mandi T.

Lisa! You rock. A man stopped me yesterday and said “oh my god your eyebrows are fabulous!?!” – which has NEVER happened to me before you! Thanks again!

-Grace P.

Lisa is pretty fantastical.

I’ve been sugaring my gal parts for a while now, and recently started seeing Lisa. She’s super nice, instantly makes you feel comfortable, is super helpful with tips and advice (that actually work), and is super experienced.

I would recommend her to anyone. She’s in the back of Berkeley Barbers and you can even park around the back. Very reasonably priced, but I don’t think she accepts credit cards at this time.

-Heather G.

Lisa is absolutely amazing at what she does, and sugaring is just so much better than waxing. The results last longer, the pain drastically decreases over time (as quickly as the second visit, it is completely tolerable), it costs less, and it’s easier on your skin (no redness at all.) It’s a no-brainer. A couple of tips – cash or check only, it’s in the back of an old man barber shop, so if you see old dudes in front, you’re in the right spot, and trust Lisa’s opinion. She knows what she’s talking about.

-Elizabeth R.

Lisa is the best of the best! As a male who has used various aestheticians before and is extremely particular about excellent service, Lisa is extraordinary. Once you have her work on you, you will never use anyone else.


Lisa, you are amazing! You are by far the best at your “craft”! I am constantly so impressed by — and thankful for — how wonderful you are!!!

– Julie B

Lisa is a Sugaring expert! Never wax again!!! Very talented at what she does, her facials are THE BEST! Never expected a face massage  Extraordinary! Her products are the best and her extensive knowledge of her field is clearly evident. My skin is eternally grateful! Thanks Lisa, you got a happy, loyal customer for life.

-Amy D.

I heard about Sugar Me through one of those daily e-mail coupon offers… I had never had a Brazilian wax, but always wanted one… I bought the coupon and made an appointment. Lisa texted me directions about parking and where to find her exactly, which I found very helpful.

Since this was my first time, to say the least I was nervous and didn’t know exactly what to expect, or if I would be able to handle it. She was gentle and helpful and also sensitive to my needs as a beginner… As mentioned before, in other comments, she is a real people person and knows how to calm you down through conversation. I would totally recommend her to anyone who was looking for any kind of waxing services. Not to mention the sugar is super cool and it really is easier on the skin than wax.. I may never use wax again… The only complaint I have is that I wish she was closer to my house, so I could go all the time.. Thanks Lisa!!!!

-kla R.

Lisa is absolutely amazing. She is one of those people that when you meet her, it’s almost as if you have known her all of your life. She makes you comfortable and takes her time. She not only explains how the process works, but also helps you with how to treat the skin after you leave. She sent me a text message the next day to see how everything was. I love her! She was worth every penny!

-Christina K.

It’s really all been said, but great place with excellent service = love it!

-Sparky S.

Lisa is one of the few people in the area that knows the art of “sugaring.” She is affordable, she will come to you, and she is super smart, super nice. Men – don’t be shy!

-Eric H.

So my sister recommended me to her and I can’t believe what an amazing job she does! It hurts a little but the pain is bearable. She is really mobile and can come to you or you can go to her spot. Either way she makes you feel very comfortable! I havent gone anywhere else!

-Dee D.

The sight of my rather large kitty rolling on the floor in pure ecstasy has compelled me to update my review. Not only is Lisa a great conversationalist and all around people-person, my cat adores her. She even brought us some catnip this last visit (talk about personalized customer service!).

Her rates are great and she does in-home services all day long (although she recently got a more permanent location set up!). She makes her own sugar, and the sugaring process yields amazing results! No one does it better

-Alice H.

Omg where have I been? I will never go back to wax! And Lisa is the bomb. She really knows what she’s doing and the experience was close to painless, very safe and the smoothest, cleanest results I’ve ever seen! Thank you Lisa

-Cerraeh L.

Lisa is a hidden gem (although I don’t think she’ll be hidden for much longer)! If you live in the Los Angeles area and are looking for someone to sugar, wax, or provide a facial to you, then look no further.

I met Lisa back in October of 2009 and have had nothing but positive experiences with her. She is super intelligent about her craft and has the best prices in town. She takes full care of her clients and really cares about them. She has waxed and tinted my eyebrows (which turned out amazing) and sugared me. After going to her, I will not go back to anyone else.

I, without doubt, would recommend going to Lisa. She is the best in town!!!

-Gayle S.

I wasn’t a believer in sugaring until I went to Lisa. Previously, I tried sugaring with another mobile sugaring person in Venice and I wasn’t sold. I had a lot of bumps and my hair grew back in just a few weeks. I even went back to regular waxing since the cost of the sugaring was so high! Finally, a friend of mine recommended Lisa. Not only was the job done so well that my hair stayed away for 2 more weeks than my previous sugaring experience, but there were no bumps! Did I mention that since I’ve been sugaring (I’ve only been twice now with Lisa) my hair isn’t nearly as thick and grows back more slowly each time?! Hallelujah! You can’t beat Lisa’s prices and hands down he does the best work in this area!

-Lauren M.

Lisa is AMAZING!!! She has been sugaring me for almost a year now. The roots on my hair are very thick and long under the skin. It is sometimes unbearably painful to get anything waxed. But lisa’s knowledge and technique is second to none! …It is now almost virtually painless!!! She is so good at what she does, extremely professional and and an expert in skin care all around! Her facials….. It is the closest I have been to feeling like I am in heaven. The third trimester of my pregnancy was hell. She took me away from all that. Everything just melts. Lisa is the best kept little secret. But she wont be for long… Oh. I forgot to add that I ALWAYS break out if my face is waxed (upper lip,
chin). That NEVER happened with Lisa. I was stunned! Highly recommend her!!!

-Sharon Ben-Roohi

Lisa just waxed and dyed my eyebrows and I LOVE them. She really knows what she’s doing and what she’s talking about, plus she’s super cool and fun to chat with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

The wax she uses is also much better than your typical wax. I have very fair skin and my face is ALWAYS irritated when I get my brows waxed. When Lisa did my brows i could hardly feel her pulling the strips of and my skin was so much happier than it usually is. Plus she gave me some lotion and face wash to take with me to treat my newly waxed skin. Lisa is the best!


Lisa is probably the most knowledgeable esthetician there is. She is extremely informative about various products and techniques which has even saved me money.

I had an event going on last month and I was referred to Lisa. I only had one facial before but it was rushed and frankly not worth it. But a friend raved about Lisa so I set up an appointment….My skin is still AMAZING two whole weekds afterwards!

So last week I tried sugaring on some not so managable chest hair….
LOVED IT! No rashes, no pain and more time in between…oh and did I mention she has the best prices in town

-Michael B.

Once again, I’m happy with my visit to Lisa today! This time I added in the underarms and I was thrilled with the results. I’ve had my underarms “waxed” twice before, a few years apart because I was pretty disappointed with the results. I kept thinking, “for my underarms that are hardly ever seen, I could save the money and just shave”. Well after today’s sugaring, I might have to get rid of that razor for good. My skin was smooooo-oooooth. I’m talking baby-ass, pretty ballerina smooth. Much better result than shaving. We’ll see how things look in a week or so, but so far, I continue to be a VERY happy Sugar Me customer!!!

-Jessica L.

There’s not much I can add that hasn’t already been said here, but Lisa is simply amazing. I’d never been waxed before, and this was my very first sugaring experience so she walked me through the process and explained everything very clearly. She has a professional but friendly demeanor and a great bedside manner. She chats just enough to get you through the process (don’t kid yourself, you’re still pulling out hairs in some really sensitive areas so of course it’s going to
hurt) and she really seems passionate about her work. My often-skittish-and-afraid -of-life cat loves her, apparently.

I will definitely be calling her up as a regular client. Not only is she great, but her services come right to your door in the comfort of your own home! She even sent me a text a few days afterward to follow up. Love it!

-Alice H.

I fell into sugaring a few months ago after I was getting terrible rashes/ ingrowns from waxing. Sugaring solved that problem. Lisa is just down to earth and amazing when it comes to sugaring. She is so gentle and professional, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with her.

At this point, I really don’t know how anyone still waxes.. unless they just like the pain! Crazy, crazy.

-Beth k.

I seriously couldn’t wait to come home to Yelp Sugar Me!!! Lisa is really and truly gifted! I discovered sugaring for the first time bout 2 months ago and fell in looooooove with the process, but more-so the results. I was thrilled when I was referred to Lisa because she’s so much more affordable. Studio Alexandria charges $145 for a Brazilian! GREAT results, but the price blows! Lisa has been sugaring for 12 years and I got just as good results (if not better!) for $50! WELL worth it! She’s really professional, nice, and friendly, but most importantly knows what she’s doing. My lady parts thank her – nice ‘n bald with no patches or super awkward positions! Oh, and I was able to book my appt via text, which worked for me since I’m usually in the run! As a whole, sugaring is far better for your skin than waxing, and def better than shaving. The regrowth time took much longer since I last sugared vs. waxing. No ingrowns either. I’m sold!

Go see Lisa and try sugaring TODAY if you haven’t already!


Lisa is an incredible aesthetician who is able to put anyone at ease during the sugaring process. As someone who’d never been sugared, I was hesitant but Lisa was able to put me at ease. What was truly amazing was how deep the hair was and how she as able to get it ALL out!

In addition, her ability to wax brows, remove nose hairs (sounds painful but it isn’t in the least!!) and give facials is unsurpassed! You must give Lisa a try! And the fact that she travels to you and has some of the lowest prices I’ve encountered is always a big plus!


Amazing! I walked in with the eyebrows of a 12 year old and left with the eyebrows of a sophisticated woman. It takes a lot of trust for me to let someone shape my eyebrows, but she gained my complete trust after doing impressive body sugaring. I highly, highly recommend her!


Just came back from my first ever sugaring. Lisa was awesome and incredibly thorough (haha). And no one can beat that price! I’ll be back

-Jenna H.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those guys who grows hair like a gorilla! Shaving it doesn’t work out so well, especially since I get it on the back! I decided I’d try waxing… That was a really crappy experience! It hurt like heck, and I broke out all over my back within an hr of having it done. By the time the breakout went away, the hair was already back. It was not worth it at all! Did I mention, sugaring lasts longer than waxing? Especially with whatever awesome techniques Lisa has learned! I’ve used someone else for sugaring before, and Lisa’s work actually lasted at least a week longer.

I knew there had to be another way, I can’t be the only one who felt like this.. I did some research, and discovered sugaring. That is how I came across Lisa–my hairs worst enemy! She does sugaring cheaper than anyone else out there! Believe me, I’ve looked! Sugaring is awesome, and I’ll never ever let wax touch anything but my eyebrows ever again.

Besides Lisa’s amazingly cheap prices, she also can come to you! She makes you feel as comfortable as you possibly can be while getting your hair ripped out! I’m not going to lie, it still hurts a bit, but not even as close as waxing does. The sugar does not stick to the skin and tear that off with the hairs. Lisa is great at talking to you while she works, and almost making you forget what’s happening.

I cannot say enough good things about her! If you can’t stand hair, and don’t like spending what feels like a million dollars a year on hair removal, then you should be adding this womans contact information to your phone as you read this!

Lisa, thank you so much for helping me not look like a gorilla, and allowing me to save money to use on the dates that your services help me have!

-Jason K.

By far the best eyebrow wax and shaping I’ve ever had!  Seriously, not even an “ouch” during or after and her sugar wax actually smells nice. whereas many estheticians just want to develop your dependency on them, Lisa actually told me what to do to on my own to continue improving the shape. Lisa took her time with me an gave my brows the arch they were meant to have – Perfect for conveying skepticism when a client fibs fibs on their food log!

Thank you so much, Lisa. I feel pretty today!

-Whitney C.

Lisa is amazing, and her work is phenomenal! I have been a client of hers for the past 6 years and I get comments on how great my brows are constantly. She really takes her time and she has such a passion and is very knowledgeable in the field. I highly recommend her to everyone. She is so awesome!!!

-Nicole G.

This is how good Lisa is: I can get my brazilian done for free at my work but I go to Lisa and pay her to do it.


Fantastic – can’t say enough great things about Lisa and about the results! 100% recommend her services – Thank you!!!

-Mindy B.

Lisa is AMAZING. I will never go back to waxing again. She does a fantastic job and is a wonderful person. You won’t regret calling her.

-Ruth R.

Absolutely the BEST!

-Mike Singletary

Omg- I am obsessed with my brows!!! Everyone loves them. I am becoming more and more addicted.


“After years, I’ve found “the one”!

Lisa waxes & shapes brows with precision and expertise. So much so that people actually complement me on how good they look!

After years of getting brows waxed, never, EVER has anyone noticed them enough to compliment. Nor I, it was just a habitual grooming or a social conformity…after all people would probably notice and comment on the uni-brow!

It’s obviously a passion and joy for Lisa to make people look good and feel better about themselves; it shines through her work and attitude.

Thanks for the awesome brows Lisa!”

-Amy D.

I love, love, love sugaring. Much better than waxing, doesn’t leave your skin raw or irritated. You MUST try! Lisa is brilliant at what she does. I will not let anyone else touch my brows! Call her up and make an appointment. You’ll love her too.

-Regis M.

Lisa is an extraordinary esthetician. I am a male in the entertainment business who needs to look excellent, and Lisa is the most professional yet friendly and patient manscaper for hair removal on my legs, genitals and buttocks. I feel utterly safe due to her skills and knowledge of removing hair off a man specifically. She is extremely thorough in her job, and refuses to let me go until she has removed every single hair, particularly in difficult-to-see areas.

Furthermore, I have strongly concluded that sugaring (Lisa’s rare specialty) is far more effective than waxing. Until I found Lisa, I was using waxing services of various estheticians who were professional yet not friendly or overly clinical, drill sergeants (not the type of esthetician I want waxing me, though there are tons of them out there), or incompetent. Lisa is extremely easygoing with a respectful client, and goes at the speed that the client wants, unlike others who rip away at the client without letting the client breathe. She talks you through pain calmly and soothingly, and will use her great sense of humor to keep you as relaxed as possible. Unlike some other estheticians, Lisa is utterly comfortable (almost doctor-like) with the whole process of intimate waxing which involves her having to peer at your most intimate areas (yes, every orifice) from up close, which helps relax a shy person or first-timer. For male clients specifically, do not worry about a natural physical reaction like an erection or precum – Lisa completely understands this and simply continues her work. Just act grown up about it.

Finally, I found that sugaring has truly thinned out and weakened the hair on my buttocks, peri-anal and pubic area (a good thing!), which is making the hair grow back finer, like peachfuzz. Waxing does NOT do the same; it only keeps the hair away for about three weeks and then the hair still grows back tough. The time between my sugaring sessions is far longer than my waxing sessions; in other words, sugaring has helped keep my hair away for longer periods of time.

Obviously, I hold Lisa’s services and skills in very high esteem. Her rates are astoundingly low (again, I speak from experience, both with private practice and salon professionals) and she comes to your residence (depending on where you live) which is even better. Once you use Lisa’s services, you will only call her. Thank you, Lisa!

-Scott K.

Lisa is single-handedly responsible for rescuing me from the perils of monthly waxing. Diligent, passionate and always enthusiastic about her work, Lisa is a sugaring goddess and I recommend anyone who is tired of painful waxing to try a sugaring by Lisa.

-Scott G.

Seriously the best job I have ever seen! I didn’t know that my eyebrows could have such a great shape. Before it was just A line of hair, but when Lisa worked her magic I know have a beautiful arch that makes my face look all that much better. Thank you Lisa for your magic.  Highly recommend her for anything you might need, she is awesome!!!!

-Sacha K.